“In the past year, the only things that sparked my enthusiasm and gave me hope for an artistic revival were in pop music: Rihanna’s eerie “Pour It Up,” which uses a strip club as a hallucinatory metaphor for an identity crisis about sex and materialism,…”
-Camille Paglia

Last month Rihanna released the video to her single, “Pour it up”. The video is a hazy, fantastical night at the strip club sans testeosterone.


Naturally there was backlash, criticism, and ill-concieved and inaccurate comparisons to Miley Cyrus.  But what there hasn’t been is recollection.  A video of a manless haven of girl watching being dominated by empowered women has been made at least once before.

That’s right, Madonna did it.  Like Madonna, but unlike other pop starlets merely using sexuality as a prop (see Miley) RiRi makes a statement in this video.  I’ll let you search within yourself for that statement.  *Hint: Both ladies are seated authoritatively and enjoying themselves.

Also worth noting, Camille Paglia wrote about both women.  While I for the most part disagree with her comparison of Rihanna to Princess Diana I do agree with her assessment of Rihanna as an artist. This prompts me to say that Rihanna is the Madonna of the millennials.  The others are just…



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