All the audio and video footage related to John Crawford’s homicide viewed together is disturbing.  I’ve pulled them together with additional links for perspective.

Ronald Ritchie’s 911 Call

The video of the police shooting John Crawford is disturbing on multiple levels.  There is the lack of concern for the safety of shoppers as well as their failure to assess the situation.  The video is even more disturbing once its synced to Ronald Ritchie’s 911 call.  Ritchie clearly lied to the police.  No one has been held accountable.  The family is currently suing him.

Rodney Curd Interrogates Tasha Thomas

The Guardian obtained video via request through public records of Detective Rodney Curd interrogating Tasha Thomas.  In the video and extremely aggressive Curd interrogates Tasha Thomas for 90 minutes.  At the end of the interrogation he tells her “As a result of his actions, he is gone”.

Andrew Hawkins Explains why he wore a Justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford T-Shirt

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins wore a T-shirt demanding justice for Tamir Rice and John Crawford, the black child and black man killed by police for having toy guns in the open-carry state.  The head of Cleveland’s Police union demanded an apology (apparently oblivious to Cleveland Police’s current credibility problem).  Hawkins issues this tearful explanation for wearing the shirt.

Jeff Follmer Demands Apology

Jeff Follmer, Police Partrolman Union President issued the following statement about Andrew Hawkins.

It’s pretty pathetic when athletes think they know the law. They should stick to what they know best on the field. The Cleveland Police protect and serve the Browns stadium and the Browns organization owes us an apology.

The Follman goes on “All In with Chris Hays” and contends that both the shooting of Rice and Crawford were justified and that people should “do what [the police] say”.

Follmer’s interview manages to capture the attitudes and lack of compassion the police have for the people they brutalize.  Being that institutions should never be cognitively divorced from their origins, Follmer (and Roorda in St. Louis) reminds us that the purpose of the police in America has been to control and punish the black population.  Shaun King writes:

In Demanding Apologies, Police Unions Show White Supremacy is a Core Value